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Cirus Skateboards is a skateboard manufacturer based in Hungary, right in
the heart of Europe. Our skateboards are primarily made from bamboo,
rather than maple. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, longer lasting, and
provides greater pop than maple.

We are constantly developing our decks in response to skater feedback and
the needs of the market. Our decks use state-of-the-art technology,
high-tech materials and the best manufacturing techniques to bring you
boards that ride as great as they look!

In addition to our PRO skateboard decks, we also produce FREESTYLE,
CRUISER, and LONGBOARD decks as well.


Street Street Street Freestyle Freestyle Freestyle Cruiser Cruiser Cruiser Longboard Longboard Longboard Complete Complete Complete

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Preorders only from July!

New Cirus decks


Our products

La Rambla White-Gold

Cruiser 8.2"x29.5"

69.00 EUR


ProCarbon skateboard deck

79.00 EUR

ProCarbon - envy

79.00 EUR


ProCarbon skateboard deck

79.00 EUR